Butte Creek Custom Calls
Chico, California

1) For a consistant tone from your call keep your insert dry. Most people           think that all the moisture is from spit.  However, on cold mornings spit
   is not your major problem. When your warm moist breath passes through    the call, condensation forms at a very fast rate which, in turn swells your cork/rubber wedge far faster than normal and thereby changing the pressure on the reed and hence the tone. Pull it apart and wipe it dry.

2)  Always bring more than one mallard call to the blind. Make sure they are
different in sound. For instance, I have one call that really works great in storming weather but doesn't work to well on other days. Also, bring a good widgeon and teal whistle.

3)Have you ever gone out in the morning and begin to call and you swear that something went wrong with you call?  Well,  probably has.  A couple of things to check. a) When you first get your call mark your reed and cork so that you know whether they got put back in in the same position that the maker designed them to operate at. b) Check you reed so that the base is barely touching the back of the slot. Check your wedge to make sure it is pushed all the way into the slot,  you want the wedge compressed up against the back of the slot. Just a small gap will change the call tune. c) If your call sounds flat and you can pull your wedge out with your fingers well it is time to throw it away, it has probably broken down. The wedge is used not only used to hold the reed in place but with the right amount of pressure  it will give you a consistent, sharp and clean sound out of your call.

4) When pulling your call apart  do so with a twisting/turning  motion.  Do not try and pull straight out with brute force. If difficult spray a little WD-40 in it and let it work its way down.  Under no circumstances do not try and pull apart by wiggling it back and forth. the insert will break off.  If the call always seems to be too tight put a little Vaseline on it. And if it still seems tight send it back and I will correct at no charge.

More to come soon....